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Writing music for film is not only a source of income for me, but also a passion. Scroll down the page to find audio and video excerpts of just some of the projects that I've worked on over the course of the last 11 years.

If you are a film-maker in search of a composer for your next film, I encourage you to read about my philosophy and approach to scoring film by clicking on the link below. Along with reading about my philosophy and approach, you may also find the FAQ section, on the right side of this page, very useful in determining that I am the composer for you.

click on the link below to learn about               FAQ            
my philosophy and approach to scoring music for film, and my musical training background
  1.What are your rates and how do you determine them?      
2. What can I do to insure that I get the best music possible and in the shortest amount of time?        

Below are excerpts from three very different films that I have written music for within the last few years. By clicking on the pictures you will be directed to a separate page for each film. On these pages you will have an opportunity to read about how I approached writing music for each of these projects and you will also be able to view at least two scenes from each with my music. Enjoy.

Bleeding.drama, horror, suspense, mystery. Sovereignty. dark comedy, socio-polital commentary and satire. Prisoners. drama
  Below are mp3s of music that I have written for other films in the past. Enjoy.
1 The Rose Portrait ©2005 Matt La Von  
Blinding goldfish main title ©2004 Matt La Von
Death of Jacob ©2004 Matt La Von
The piece below wasn't written for a film but it does incorporate some very cinematic aspects that are relevant to this page. I actually wrote it this year and gave it to my mother for Mother's day, having realized that I 've written hours upon hours of music for films but never anything for my mom. Enjoy
Holocaust slides ©2004 Matt La Von
5. Heinrich and Ray ©2004 Matt La Von  
6. I'm an ex-convict ©2004 Matt La Von  
7. Germs ©2006 Matt La Von
On her day (mp3) ©2010 Matt La Von
8. Xmas tune ©2006 Matt La Von