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Next show is at Shapshifter Lab on April 10th. 8pm. Keep up with Evil Giraffes on Mars by liking our facebook page:

Our CD Cydonia is now available for sale. Scroll down the page and click on the CDbaby or the Digistation link to order it on line or you can buy it straight from us at any of our shows. For your listening pleasure, here is a montage of samples from the CD
Cydonia at a glance(mp3)


Simply put, Evil Giraffes on Mars are the best (or worst) band that you (or someone else) have ever heard (or not heard). But we are a band nonetheless, and one guy did say we were "awesome" once. Let it be known, now and forever, that his comment was completely unprovoked! We can't even imagine what he would have said had we been fishing for compliments... Regardless, we are known in small circles for our genre bending sensibilities, fueled by a deep respect for all things musical. Combining elements of jazz, rock, funk, punk, hip hop, classical, world beat, and a love of tasty sandwiches, we have created a new beast! An Evil Giraffe!! Lock your doors, hide your daughters and finish your cold cuts!

Evil Giraffes on Mars are:

Ryan Slotnick: Rhodes

Doron Lev: Drums

John Cave: Guitar

Matt La Von: Soprano and Alto saxophones

Jamaal Sawyer-Dymski: Tenor saxophone

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