Bleeding. 2009. Directed by Nyle Cavazos Garcia.          
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      Synopsis: Ellie is haunted by nightmares of being tortured. Her nightmares become all too real by day, when she comes face to face with the man who has been torturing her in her dreams, a man she has never met before. After the real world confrontation, she becomes determined to find out the truth and soon finds herself unlocking the mysteries of a secret past.      

My approach to scoring this film: The film was built around a central torture scene which was the subject of the main character's nightmares. This scene, throughout the film, would be brought back in the form of flashbacks whenever the main character, Ellie, saw or experienced something in the real world that was somehow related to, or reminded her of, her nightmare. I established a theme for the nightmare and used it in slightly different ways whenever these instances happened.

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Opening sequence and credits.

This scene opens with the main theme that I would use throughout the film. The director and producer also wanted the opening credits to have a more rock sound. So, I composed a rock piece, but I made it very relevant to the film by using elements in the piece, instrumental and motivic, that I would bring back in later scenes.


Bleeding at the restaurant

In this scene, Ellie is at a restaurant with friends when she sees the man from her nightmares. The sight of him causes her to have flashbacks of her nightmare in the real world. I was given the task of writing music that would be on the restaurant's sound system and then compose a separate piece that would be super-imposed over the restaurant music. The super-imposed music plays along with what Ellie is experiencing and utilizes elements that are relevant to the film's musical themes.


Nightmare scene

For Ellie's nightmare I introduced a slightly new theme as an undercurrent, but kept it very close in harmony and feel to the rock tune from the opening credits. I then used many of the motifs that I had been setting up throughout the film to coincide. This music would then be brought back at the end of the film when the truth was revealed and all of the themes and motifs would coalesce during the climax.

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Opening sequence and credits Bleeding at the restaurant Nightmare scene