I wouldn't want you to hire me as your teacher based on this website alone. I know that it is important that you have a teacher who is also a full-time, talented musician. So, for your convenience, I have posted the links below. By clicking on the images, you may follow the links to learn more about me.

The first link is to my main website, www.mattlavon.com. This website deals with everything that I do in the realm of music, including saxophone performance, jazz performance, original composition, and recording.

The second link is to a my website that deals exclusively with private functions and corporate events that wish to book live music.

Also, like every responsible musician, I have a myspace page. Send me a friend request, if you like!


-M. La Von

To book your first lesson and to speak with me further, feel free to call 347-224-4611 or  
email to: matt@mattlavon.com